Little eyes amazed by Citylights!!

Its just one of the other regular long hectic days. I was on my way back home frustrated by all the tiny winy pressure in my office. So much irritated that I wasn’t even feeling patient to wait on the other side of road. It seemed like hours standing and waiting for these engines to clear the way. After some long minutes of wait I stepped into my regular bus in which I used to travel from office to home or vice versa. On the way all I could hear was angry car horns, lively music playing somewhere far which definitely was not a spectacular thing for me as I wasn’t the part of it.

As I stepped in, I luckily got a seat to rest my tired ass. There was a family of three sitting in the seat opposite of mine. I can say they were from some part of village by their looks ( Yes, I was judging! Don’t we all do? ). There was this little boy sitting right in front me, sitting on his mothers’ lap, holding his fathers’ hand, peeping through the window from the moment I entered. That was all normal, we all do it, we have done it when we were little, yet we do sometimes. All those shiny glittery things, Sky kissing buildings amazes us and so it did to that kid. I actually started noticing him when I plugged in my earphones. I had this song playing,

“ Sapna jahan dastak na de,

Chaukat thi voh aankhein meri!”

I looked deep into those little eyes; I found those eyes singing the lines. Those little black eyes started singing to me, they seemed so colorful. I don’t know if it were the dreams that he started to dream that brought the colors or it was just the city lights. I saw something that I failed to notice before. Something that I was fond of long long ago. When the world was young and I was still younger. Every time the bus passed a street with all lights or fancy buildings, he used to turn to his mother and throw that innocent smile. Trust me, he was not dressed well as other kids but that smile was heart throbbing, that smile said it all. I could see how amazed he was! May be he saw visions, May be he was trying find moon and stars amidst of all these buildings, I don’t know! I was wondering what that little boy could think of, how vividly his thoughts might be running. At that moment all I wanted was the power to read that little brain.Before I could figure out I had reached my stop. I got up to step out and I realized all my frustration was long gone as an easy smile crossed my lips as I looked at the boy . He turned to me, threw that smile to me too and that was so much reliving, more than words can say. (Sighs!!)

Well,my journey for the day has ended, my destination has arrived, the song has ended too. I just wish for the journey of dreams may not stop at the doorstep of his eyes. I wish, they never end. I see that one day he will be a part of the world he is dreaming of. But by the time he will be a part of these city lights he realizes that he is just a part of this city crowd. Just like all of us! Running and running and running errands with or without any reasons or purposes, Not knowing where to stop and why! He will be just one among us!! Don’t you think??